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Norway is a small country when one considers the population. Nevertheless, the country is modern, with a highly developed economy which makes it very interesting for business .  If you have product or services aiming for international expansion, doing business in Norway is an obvious option. Norway has huge economic capability and is a major player in sectors such as maritime, energy and technology. The residents of Norway have high education and purchasing power and are curious to use new technology. The country is therefore an interesting market for successful tech businesses looking to establish themselves in the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets. can assist companies wishing to enter the Norwegian market.We have international experience in the IT/ Internet and telecom industry.
We can provide service around the activities around the formalities as required to establish a business in Norway. More importantly, we can help in assessing your business plan to the business conditions in Norway, and help to review the business case and leverage your plan towards business opportunities that exist in the Norwegian market.

We have firsthand knowledge of business structures within the IT/Internet and Telecom industry, and can use this to your advantage and optimize your entry into the Norwegian market.
This combined with international experience from the European and American market. Although we have the highest expertise in the above mentioned sectors, this is not an obstacle to providing assistance with the establishment within other industries. We also have experience from manufacturing industry and commerce, and this combined with a well developed network of contacts enables us to help all kind of businesses.

Does this sound like an interesting service? We look forward to receiving your inquiry about doing business in Norway, and without obligation we can determine whether we can assist your company with a successful entry into the Norwegian marketplace. Use the contact methods below, and we will promptly with the utmost attention take action to process your request. 


Doing business in Norway
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